Monday, September 28, 2009

Unhappy Cucumber

Well, the cucumber has not been too happy for the past couple of days. Bought him on Thurs the 17th, so he's still new. He has been doing fine. But on Saturday, he looked like this pic below. That weird cornsilk-looking stuff is called his viscera, which is toxic stuff they use as a defense mechanism. He kept it hanging out there all day long.

Sunday, he clearly meant business because he ejected the viscera. I'm glad I was home to siphon it out. I touched a couple strands of it and it seemed to sting my thumb! It turned red and hurt. I poured vinegar on it (having heard to do this just that morning on Nat.Geo TV! when getting stung by a box jellyfish to prevent any more stingers from firing their venom.)

I wrote to the helpful staff of Wet Web Media and Bob promptly answered to confirm some questions I had. I feel better getting knowledge from someone who truly knows answers. I tried a couple of forums (my own just doesn't have much saltwater following, having stemmed from a betta community) and have met so far only with nothing, or criticism (nothing at *all* wrong with constructive criticism but minus the constructive part is flat out useless).

All of that to say.... that now I am officially ready (and properly motivated) to take the 20-gallon fresh water tank now and convert it into a saltwater. The Convict cichlid who was occupying it will just have to move back to a 10 because I'm not giving up a 20-long from another pet for him, nor would I have a place to put it when water-filled anyway. Plus the 20-tall tank has its own sturdy stand. If I want, I could even move it into my bedroom.


Mermaiden said...

Oh yeah. The cucumber ended up dying. But thankfully since I was aware of the potential dangers and was present shortly afterwards, I was able to clean up all the fallen debris and the rest of the tank was just fine.

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