Thursday, March 18, 2010

Little Frogs

They're so cute!  Now I have some tiny frogs to sit next to my tiny turtles.  The musk turtles are really the cutest little stinkers (and I do say stinkers literally too - they're not called stinkpot for nothing LOL.  Just don't pick up one and startle it...).  But my new frogs are a close rival to cuteness.  They sing out back every year and I've never actually seen them until last week when David was out back at night, after a good rain, and the little things were all over the yard.  He caught me a few and brought them in, we put them in the tank, and they started singing indoors too LOL

We found out what they sing about: it was mating season.  I think I'll be seeing tadpoles soon!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tigger having fun with pet laser-beam toy

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pet Family Additions

I forgot to update the pet blog with the new members of the pet household!

I have uploaded some new pics of the updated total combined zoo here:

And along with the move, Axel has a new duty: to accept me as his pack leader!  He is currently undergoing some training that lets him know he does not have to be a pack leader, but rather instead that we are in charge of him.  He is taking it pretty well, even if he is a bit stubborn and needs some reminders. ;)  After all, he is 2 years old and this is a whole new lifestyle change for him. It is a good time in his life to begin this process.  He is in a new home/location, and no longer has his brother with him either, which changes many dynamics.

So far we're really pleased with How To Talk Dog.

Some pointers from Cesar Millan sure aren't hurting, either!

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