Thursday, September 24, 2009

The tank is yay!

The light bulb in my tank went out a couple days ago so I was running on an old backup bulb. But we've been talking about the need for increased lighting in the tank already. So instead of just replacing the bulb, David helped out my tank by upgrading my lighting fixture! :D Now it holds 2 bulbs instead of one. So one's a white light 32 watt, and one's a blue light 40 watt. This really ought to help things out!

Not only will the surviving plants and corals now be able to thrive, now I will be able to add new ones to the tank without hesitation. Though they were getting by, they require the additional wattage in lighting to propel forward any. Also, now the polyps that were just hanging in there ought to begin to look healthy again. The mushrooms were doing pretty good but the plants were not, except for some small clumps that hung in there. Those ought to really take off now.

Also bought at the LFS yesterday while we were getting the bulbs - a beautiful Pentaca anceps pink and yellow sea cucumber,

and an Arrow Crab.


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