Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Saltwater Friends

The saltwater tank has been nice and stable, the phosphates are in check now, and it was looking a tad empty, so yesterday it was time for - guess what..... a trip to the fishstore!

The existing residents:

Four 4- line Damselfish

Sea urchin

an emerald crab

couple of Mushroom corals that came in on some frags

It has grown!

Another one

several anemones

some Zoa polyps that aren't doing too good now; need to upgrade lighting. :(

Several of these. What the heck are these things!

It has a shell. And antennae.
Here are the new residents:

Sand sifting starfish

2 snails for the sand.
That's his antenna. He's buried under there. hehe

2 snails for the glass (turbo)

hermit crabs

bonus: emerald crab!

Bi-color Blenny

4 Chromis

Tank is looking much healthier and alive now!

Greatly in part to this new sump David put together for me, to help out with filteration


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