Saturday, August 7, 2004

Better Days

I thought I should also go ahead and post about the better news, with all this depressing stuff! My barracks, until recently, had seen better days. The drippers weren't dripping consistantly across the board, causing non-flowing water to all the cases, causing bacterial problems for a good many fish. To make matters worse, the hose kept popping off the pump going into the UV sterilizer. And if those things run with no water flow for 15 seconds, SECONDS, they're shot, apparently. Well who knows how long it was off. I still have it on, but I have a feeling it's useless. And I do not know if replacing the bulb will be sufficient yet. I guess I need to check with the manufacturer, but I have not yet gotten around to it.

Anyway, after Lori and Myra started working on barracks projects, and then Myra posted a link to Dripworks where she found some emitters that were a LOT cheaper than I thought they were going to be (like a quarter of the figure I thought), I bought them right away. My barracks saw instant results!! Pete actually did all the work, in removing the crappy old copper barbs and installing the drip emitters. I am going to affix some blue tubing as suggested by Lori (it will stay flexible, unlike the clear standard kind), because I want to eliminate the tiny dripping splashes that are coming out of the cases.

Also I want to make less water in the air. I'm going to try rebuilding my sump a bit and covering it to reduce evaporation. My air conditioner repairman (aka a friend of my dad) said that with all this new water in my house, the condensor coil on the AC unit is becoming corroded. He said I had better not add any more water to this house, either. -_-; I don't plan to but I want to make things better. This is only the first summer that the barracks and the AC unit have met each other, so imagine this long term, heh. :X I need to make it more efficient in that aspect. A lid on the sump and the tubing on the cases should help. I could even go with lids to the beanie cases but I don't know if I'll go quite to that length.


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