Monday, August 16, 2004

Another Day

Another weekend passes, and another round of fishly chores is behind me. This weekend, the laundry and vacuuming (and really almost all other housework) got neglected for all the stuff I had to do. These are self-appointed chores, mind you, but they're work, all the same. I went and bought live rock for my saltwater tank, and today also got 3 yellow-tailed blue damsels. Also I got two little snails and three even smaller crabs. I dare not add any shrimp or starfish yet, though I am going to definitely be doing that in the future, after cycling is done. I may lose everything in the tank, so this is IT for a while, so I wanted to get a little bit of a cleanup crew going. The only thing I am going to seek to add is a few plants, once I do some reading and see what I want, and have the fish store buy them. I went to a LPS I don't usually visit often anymore out of the blue, and was pleasantly surprised that the girl "in charge" of the fish (and pretty much everything live in the store, she said) knew a good bit about fish and has a lot herself. We chatted for a few and as with everywhere I tried to pick up a few pieces of info from her to add to my growing arsenal.

The 3 fish from earlier this week sure look a lot happier with some company in the tank now. And the new fish sure as heck look happier to be in such a bigger tank. :)


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