Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Malfunctioned Hardware

I woke up on Thursday morning to find a tank full of dead fish. This was my corner tank in the living room, housing Salamander juvenile growout fish that Lori sent me (she had tons of overflow with a really huge spawn). Apparently the heater malfunctioned; it was on ALL night long. I recall some of the fish looking a little listless, hanging out at the surface. I thought they were just asleep, as I'd had all the lights off. I should have looked twice as I found them all in the same place that morning, only dead. They must have already been a bit too warm when I went to bed. So you can imagine how freaking HOT the glass on the outside of the tank was in the morning. I was really worried that things would burst or melt. The thermometer was so high the reading gave no use. It was incredibly hot, to say the least. I could feel the heat from the glass radiating out just with my cheek near the glass - that's when I panicked. I pulled about 25 poor baby girls out of the tank and flushed them. I am thankful that I had taken the males out a few nights before and put them in the barracks. I had taken 1 female downstairs to try and get her to spawn so now I'm trying to have her spawn with a male. So far he built a nest but they've not mated yet; I'll just leave them alone for a while and eventually it is bound to happen. They aren't hurting each other's fins so it will be fine. She has more girls she is looking to get rid of so maybe I'll end up with a few of them. Or maybe these guys will spawn, I don't know yet. I don't know if her LFS's want all those females so maybe I will anyway.


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