Monday, June 1, 2009

Snake found. Again!

Well, I found the blasted lost snake. I really hope he doesn't find some new way to escape again. I may call him "stupid" but he's really quite clever. However, unfortunately, twice now he has landed his destination at the mouse tanks where I found him and recovered him.

The 2nd time he was recovered with the help of David's clever duct-tape traps! He was totally unharmed but totally immobile. I found him right after he hit the tape.

I tried it this time but me and the cats kept getting stuck LOL, and I was afraid the cat would tape herself up again and I wouldn't be home to free her, so I took it down and that's probably about when he escaped to the downstairs room. He remembered exactly where to go, obviously!

The first time he was lost I'm not sure if he got in the mouse tank while it was upstairs, then I moved it/him downstairs, or if he actually found his way to it by himself the first time.

Oh well. At any rate, I am NOT going to remove him from the sand to feed him again, after he broke out of the feeder box. He'll just have to risk the ingestion!


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