Sunday, November 16, 2008


I must have brought fleas home from my friend's house when she had a full-blown infestation going on. I've never had them in my house before. My cats are both indoors so they pretty much stay outta trouble. Well, that kind anyway, hahaha. But when they started scratching their necks raw, and I knew what it was. I put some of that back-of-the-neck stuff on them, and it seemed to help, but they just came back with equal vengeance. I powdered the cats down and it kept it from getting worse, but still no resolution.

The cats must have some instinct because they have been staying off the carpet as much as possible. This was good, but also bad because they'd get on top of ... well, everything they could get their furry butts upon: the kitchen and bathroom counters, tables, the piano, my desk, the tv trays, the stove... the vinyl chairs. The problem is they sat there and proceeded to scratch and bite, and bite and scratch, for hours upon end while I was at work. By the time I came home, said surfaces have become COATED in CAT FUR. Bleh!!! And, sometimes slobber. And sometimes, even blood from scratching the back of their necks so hard. Poor things.

Today I had to vacuum everything down really good. Then I went and got some flea carpet powder and loaded down the crap out of the carpet all in the house, except for my bedroom, which has been a cat-free zone. Thank goodness, because that crap stinks after a while. I took all the rugs down and sprayed them down with upholstery/flea spray, and did the same to the couch & loveseat and all their pet beds.


I dunno why I'm blogging about it. It has just been that big of an ordeal, and I am that glad to (hopefully) be done with it.

If not, I have 1 more thing left to do.... BATHE THE CATS.. oh, the horror. But David's plan will make it much, much less unpleasant. I shall NOT fear.

The carpet powder is supposed to kill stuff for a full year....! So that ought to keep the buggers in check.


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