Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Alright, the snakes' tank setups:

California Kingsnake

So, I bought her a new 20-gallon long tank with secure lid, and a heating mat. I lined the bottom with some T-Rex brand cypress mulch. Then I topped it with with their "Sand Naturals", which is a sand substitute made of calcium carbonate. We'll see how this substrate goes. She is fine on sand, because I usually place her mouse on a feeding plate and she doesn't appear to ingest any sand. I like to scatter a bit of aspen shavings around on top to help absorb waste, and so that waste is easier to remove.

Because she's the biggest snake (both currently and future) she has the biggest tank, and has just gotten a larger water dish she could soak in, and larger hiding spots on both sides of the tank (warm and cool). No basking light right now since the temp should be high enough (this room is warmer than the rest of the house, what with all the pets being in here!), though I'll keep an eye on the temp to be sure.

Pueblan Milk Snake

He gets the 10-gallon tank I bought at the reptile show that has the wooden casing and very secure lid. Going for the same substrate here, except they only had 1 bag of the other so he gets "Calcium sand." Also calcium carbonate and safer to consume than silica sand.
Enough light shines over from the tank beside it, and no other heat/light needed.
He has inherited the hide rock since the kingsnake outgrew it. He seems very happy with it! So, I put it on the warm side for him.

Kenyan Sand Boa

I had thought a moister substrate might be nice, but this may not be best long term, due to bacteria and/or parasites. So I will just make sure she has sufficient burrowing material and provision for the safe feeling they need, by having something substantial over them. I've read that a glass plate does the trick for them, while still leaving you with a viewable snake, so I'm working on a cool new tank setup for her.

For right now she's in a place she's super happy in: dirt & coconut stuff (bed-a-beast), a little moss and bark tossed in. This will go in the moist box after I finish the new tank setup.

Oops! Just received bite #2. She was okay about it last night, but it seems she didn't take too kindly to me taking her out of the substrate tonight, lol.

I can't blame her, though. Poor things; all this shuffling around. I'm sure they'll get more settled over the next few days.


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