Saturday, October 15, 2005

Oh no, not ANOTHER pet!

It's a baby boy!

When I brought him home, I was so worried because stupidly I forgot to ask the breeder what he's been feeding it. I know the standard foods they accept so I know what all it should be, so I wasn't thinking. I was just so worried about even getting there and finding someone who wasn't packed up and leaving the reptile show yet. (In fact it was so close to closing time that they didn't even charge us admission, lol.) The main person I went there to see wasn't there anyway (at least I can still use the info from her site, though!). But thankfully the other guy who had some beardies for sale was still on the premise. Of course when someone got his attention and let him know someone wanted to buy, he was glad to bring out a tub of lil' cuties to show me. And for less than what they had been selling for. Just a hatchling, but only $40 for a bearded dragon. And not one from the local pet store, either: one that's been handled a lot, and is very personable already. :) They're soooo cute!!! XD

He's crossed with a Sandfire and has red markings behind the ears. Anyway, back to the beginning. I tried feeding him greens and a tiny cricket but he was just not at all interested, and even a bit scared of the cricket. o_o So he missed eating anything Sunday evening. Thankfully, I still have mealworms who have been raising themselves for the past few months..... ^_^; who have a ton of baby worms. Last night after I went to bed (when I'm finally sitting still enough do my best remembering, lol) it struck me that they'd be perfect. This morning when I got up, I grabbed several and headed off to his cage and WOW he snapped them right up. If you've never watched a bearded dragon eat, you should! They're so cute. They look sooooo gratified.

Thankfully I have his initial 10 gallon tank, and his 20 ready for in a few months, but will have to do some re-arranging to get what he'll need after that. Suggested 40 or 50 gallon. I have my leopard gecko in a 40 right now, and if he doesn't make use of the space, he just may go back into the 20 long for the beardie's sake. The turtle has to stay where he is! At any rate, it won't cost me much to afford this awesome pet. :D Otherwise I could NOT have had it. And really I shouldn't have anyway. But.....

Anyway, wish me luck in rearing this wee fella. Now that I'm confident he is an avid eater, I think it will be just fine! He's already the darned cutest thing ever. Hates to be put down. Wow, this is going to be my biggest reptile yet.

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