Monday, September 13, 2004

Grindal Worms

Wheeee! Once again I have a multitude of grindal worms. Steph revived her old dried up block of what was once worms and was inspired to write up a Word doc (which I still have yet to check out! I always forget from home, and I don't have it with me at work, ack). So I decided that maybe I should try my cultures again. I had to let them die down due to the sickening invasion of fruit flies. The cultures began to stink after a while so I just let them go. I let some of them dry up (the stinky ones), and I just stopped feeding some of the others that'd had the fruit flies and/or mites in them, to see if the baddies would go away. They did and I saw a worm or two. Man, those things survived for a month or two with no extra food in the dirt. Which I guess really is not a big surprise after all, considering they're worms and that's what worms do, heh.

So anyway, we went to Applebee's this weekend to eat. I got something to go in this really cool domed shaped bowl with lid that's maybe 8 inches across and I'd guess about 6 inches high. Shaped kinda like a UFO, heh heh. So I filled it up with dirt and slapped a bit of moistened food on top, and sat down 2 of the collection plates from my other now-overflowing cultures (quite literally! they were crawling all the way out of the tubs and into the rubbermaid!). I bet soon that thing will be filled up too.

Yay, maybe I can start selling grindal cultures soon in addition to the microworm cultures. :D ACK!! That reminds me that I forgot to ship out 2 cultures today. I didn't forget, really, I just didn't pack them last night while I still had time AND remembered.


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