Thursday, March 18, 2010

Little Frogs

They're so cute!  Now I have some tiny frogs to sit next to my tiny turtles.  The musk turtles are really the cutest little stinkers (and I do say stinkers literally too - they're not called stinkpot for nothing LOL.  Just don't pick up one and startle it...).  But my new frogs are a close rival to cuteness.  They sing out back every year and I've never actually seen them until last week when David was out back at night, after a good rain, and the little things were all over the yard.  He caught me a few and brought them in, we put them in the tank, and they started singing indoors too LOL

We found out what they sing about: it was mating season.  I think I'll be seeing tadpoles soon!


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